Ardian, Alba, Dardan, Taulan... Let's all gather, on August 4, at Alpha City!

Ardian, Alba, Dardan, Taulan... Let's all gather, on August 4, at Alpha

Alpha City is rising in the middle of the capital, to welcome thousands of fans of Noizy, the most successful rapper in the entire Albanian territory, and "Alpha Show 2", the concert that is already becoming the most beautiful tradition of rap & hip music. hop, missing until now, in Tirana.

If a year ago people could guess what could happen in "Mother Teresa" square while Noizy was going to take the stage, this time no one has even the slightest doubt that on August 4 that square will light up fire from adrenaline, energy, music that the artist himself will bring live, through his band, but also from the spectacle that will be brought by the whole army of the most vocal artists in the Albanian market, whom Noizy is bringing together again .

Their names have already been announced. In "Alpha Show 2" the Albanian artists Elvana Gjata, Dhurata Dora, Era Istrefi, Ledri Vula, Ylli Limani, Mc Kresha & Lyrical Son, Stresi, Elgit Doda, West Side Family, Varrosi, Elai, Buta, BM, Stine will perform. , Rudi, Mr well as Ghali and Rayvanny (together with his super hit "Tetema")

Everyone will go up to the stage that has a unique name: Illyrian, erected in the middle of the city of Alpha, in front of the great arena where the Illyrian "tribes", the Albanians, the Ardians, the Dardanians, the Taulantians will gather... to experience a night of celebration of unforgettable joy. It was not without purpose that the division of the square this year was conceived in this way, i.e. according to the Illyrian tribes. Because it is a great message that "Alpha Show 2" will convey through these designations: the return of attention to the values ​​of our ancestors, who fought for our lands, for our lives.

One more day separates us from the big concert on August 4. Alpha City is rising giant, to welcome us all. Those who have not yet received the ticket should hurry, because as Noizy says in his communications: "Be there or be sorry for the second time".

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