Alanis Morissette recounts the rape that happened to her when she was 15: That’s why I say it now

Alanis Morissette recounts the rape that happened to her when she was 15:

The 47-year-old Canadian singer talks for the first time about a woman's greatest trauma, such as the rape at the age of 15 by some men. Morissette told her story for the HBO documentary "Jagged" directed by Alison Klayman.

"At the age of 15, I was raped by some men. I say it now, that before no one would hear me. It took me years of therapy to admit I had been a victim. "I always said it was my fault, but then I said to myself 'hey, you were only 15 years old", says the singer in the documentary.

Alanis precedes those who will say: Why now?

"I had previously confided this secret to some people, but my words fell on deaf ears. Many say 'why did those women wait 30 years to say it?'. And I say: “They have not waited 30 years. No one listened to them, or worse yet they threatened themselves or their family. "Women do not wait, it is our culture of not listening, what prevents them from speaking."

The documentary that tells the story of Morissette will be presented at the Toronto Film Festival. It is not the first time that the singer talks about sexual abuse and harassment. In an interview last year with the Sunday Times, she said:

"Almost all the women in the music world have been attacked, harassed or raped. It 's a ubiquitous phenomenon, more so in music than in the movies. If I did not have a whole team of therapists all my life, I do not think I would. here ”.