Video / How has our diet changed since the 1980s?

Video / How has our diet changed since the 1980s?

What are we feeding the children with? What did people once consume and how has it changed now? An analysis by the BBC describes the change in concrete figures, from 1980 to the present day. The data belong to the UK, but small differences from country to country do not devalue the generalization of this analysis.

Fruits and vegetables were all that families consumed in the 1980s. Except for oil, sugar, salt and meat.

How much do they consume today for ready meals?

In 1980:

58% of the expenditure was on essential, fresh foods, ingredients with which meals were cooked.

And 26% were spent on fast food.

In 2000 (20 years later)

Expenditures on fresh ingredients shrank to 28%.

Fast food costs doubled to 44%.

In 1980 , 7% of adults in the UK suffered from obesity, in 2000, it was 20%.

Today, 57% of calories people get from fast food. This percentage is average, as it goes to 64% in children and 68% in adolescents.