'Espresso Martini' the strangest and most fashionable summer drink

'Espresso Martini' the strangest and most fashionable summer drink

People have finally been able to leave their homes and enjoy cocktails after being isolated and left it to specialists. It seems that fashion follows the drinks counter and the most IN is "Express Martini".

It may seem strange to combine alcohol with coffee, but it is being preferred by everyone.

How is it prepared?

About 50 ml of vodka, 25 ml of coffee liqueur, 50 ml of espresso and 25 ml of simple syrup in a "shaker" filled with ice that should be shaken until combined and cooled well. Then drain into a glass and garnish with a few coffee beans.


The story dates back to early times. London bartender and cocktail king Dick Bradsell invented "Espresso Martini" at Fred's Club in the late 1980s when a new model at the time, now famous, came in and said, "Can you make me a drink that will it wake me up and keep me awake for a long time? ”

There are various theories about the identity of this model or whether she really was a model or not, but Bradsell preferred to preserve the element of mystery.

Its original name was "espresso vodka" which evolved into "espresso martini".

Is "Espresso Martini" harmful?

It can provide a pleasant boost of energy, but it is certainly not something healthy. Coffee and alcohol are two of the most dehydrating drinks, so a combination of both would require significant water consumption.

Coffee is a stimulant while alcohol is drowsy, so your body is doing different actions at the same time, which may not be ideal, so this drink should not be overdone. Experts say that such a combination can leave you sleepless all night. So on summer days and when you are on vacation you can try it. Not to be left without trying this summer drink.