Guide: How to take care of your health during the polar cold

Guide: How to take care of your health during the polar cold

Given the polar cold that is sweeping across the country, the Ministry of Health has distributed some recommendations to citizens in order to take care of health.

Guide of the Ministry of Health


Exposure to low temperatures can cause serious health problems

The categories most at risk from the cold are:


· The elderly

Chronically ill

· Pay special attention to these categories, which are most at risk from low winter temperatures

How to take care of yourself during cold days:

· Provide a warm environment with constant temperature at home and work

· Wear warm, clothing resistant to wind and rain, hats and gloves and waterproof shoes.

· Consume seasonal products in sufficient quantities. Food provides the body with energy and warmth on cold days

Take precautions in case of emergencies

· Keep at home as a reserve for extreme weather cases drinking water and foods that do not need a refrigerator

Protect your family from carbon monoxide

· Keep gas cylinders outside the house, basement or garage

· Leave the house immediately and notify the authorities if you smell gas