Diabetes is becoming a pandemic

Diabetes is becoming a pandemic

Diabetes is spreading rapidly in recent years and this is a consequence of the defective lifestyle.

The data of the Institute of Public Health show that the chronically ill in our country are dominated by two groups of diagnoses, diabetes and hypertension, which come as a result of lack of physical activity and malnutrition are spreading diabetes and hypertension in mass.

INSTAT data show that in 2021, nearly half of chronically ill patients treated with reimbursement suffered from hypertension and diabetes.

According to the districts, Durrës has the highest percentage of chronic patients treated for Diabetes Mellitus with 14.5%, while for Arterial Hypertension the highest percentage is in the Kukës district with 48.4%.

According to official data from the Compulsory Health Insurance and Care Fund (FDSKSH), during the last year, the funds that went to the disbursement of diabetes tablets reached a value of 2.2 billion ALL, accounting for almost 20% of the total funds of reimbursement of about 11 billion ALL in 2022.

Reimbursement in the "Digestive tract and metabolism" group was 130 million ALL more than in 2021. For 2022, this group took 20% of the reimbursement expenses, compared to 19.1% that it occupied a year ago, referred to the FSDKSH.

In this group, the biggest increase compared to 2021 is found in the drugs of the Antidiabetics subgroup, which account for 96.6% of the expenses of the entire group A and about 19.2% of the total reimbursement expenses, compared to the 18.5% that occupied last year.

The fund explained that it is the group of insulins as a whole, the increase in their consumption, that has caused this high increase in reimbursement expenses. Specifically, insulin aspart solution with an increase of 41.1 million lek more than the expenses of 2021.

Source: Monitor Magazine