Causes of spots on the tongue!

Causes of spots on the tongue!

Why do we sometimes notice spots on the tongue? Whether white, red or black, the causes are different.

We often see in children, but also in adults, spots, usually white or red, on the tongue, which characterize the so-called geographical language. But on what can these points depend and how can their ugly presence in language disappear? If in general the spots on the tongue are almost always white or red, it is true that the cause may be dehydration, but cases of disease are not excluded. In any case there are several possible causes of the problem.

Causes of spots on the tongue!

White spots on the tongue

One of the most common causes of white spots on the tongue is thrush, or oral candidiasis, a disease caused by the fungus Candida albicans, where creamy, cream-like spots develop on the tongue that are difficult to clean and can cause bleeding if you try to remove them.

Other common causes of white spots on the tongue are dehydration, alcohol abuse or taking certain antibiotics, such as amoxicillin.

Red spots on the tongue

The main cause of the presence of red spots on the tongue is the lack of vitamins B12, B9 or folic acid. But other possible causes can be scarlet fever, asthma, cancer and infections.

Black dots on the tongue

The appearance of spots on the back of the tongue is caused by chromogenic bacteria, which are able to change their visual characteristics in response to external stimulation.

However, in any case of spots on the tongue, special attention should be paid to the diet as well, as these spots often come from unhealthy food. The ideal would be to follow a diet in which there are no processed foods (such as sweets), proper combinations of protein foods with foods rich in carbohydrates and fruits, vegetables, nuts, almonds, pistachios, etc.