Mental health / Bella Hadid tells why she felt exhausted by the perfect Instagram photos

Mental health / Bella Hadid tells why she felt exhausted by the perfect

After the post made last November where she appeared in tears, Bella Hadid has spoken again about mental health. The 25-year-old model spoke to WSJ Magazine about her battle with anxiety and depression calling her "torturous and overwhelming".

During the interview she is asked if she uses the advice of a stylist, but answers no: "It took a long time, about two years" , and finds the opportunity to explain: "Psychologically I was in a strange situation, which made it difficult for me to leave the house "clothing, especially from the anxiety of finding paparazzi outside the door."

Bella Hadid is constantly under strong social pressure as the eyes of the world follow her in every gesture and every detail of her appearance, and social networks complicate things more.

"Even if everything always looks beautiful on Instagram, after all we are all made of the same dough. It seemed important to me to tell the truth, because at one point I could no longer post just beautiful photos. "I was tired," she said, commenting on last November's selfies that showed her with tears in her eyes. "I had severe depressive episodes and when my mother or my doctor asked me how I was, I only responded with a picture instead of words. "It was the easiest way to communicate, because I could not explain how I really was."

So she thought of communicating in this way on Instagram as well.

"I was experiencing torturous and debilitating mental and physical pain and I did not know why. "I wanted to tell anyone who felt like me at the time that there was nothing wrong with feeling that way."

After that post, Hadid said she felt less alone, many people wrote to her saying they were in similar situations and that they understood.

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Currently, she says she feels much better, but knows she will have to fight this battle from time to time.

"I have 'good' days and today is one of them. I have less mental fog, I do not feel desperate. I do not have much anxiety. But tomorrow I may wake up and be completely different. "That's why I feel overwhelmed then."