How many hours of sleep do you really need and do you sleep like a dolphin? Some tips from psychology

How many hours of sleep do you really need and do you sleep like a dolphin? Some

Dana McMakin, Professor of Psychology in Florida:

Like eating, drinking, or breathing, sleep is an essential part of life. In fact, all animals sleep, with some interesting variations.

A dolphin sleeps with one eye open and only half of its brain sleeps with it. This is because dolphins need to be partially conscious to breathe while in the water. Zebras sometimes sleep on their feet in case they need to wake up and quickly escape a predator. Night bats sleep upside down.

When someone is asleep, it may seem as if they are as we say 'off'. But this is not true. Your brain and body are active and do important things during sleep, such as organizing nerve cells, regulating hormones, repairing cells, and clearing toxins.

Your brain is particularly busy, helping you to do many things during sleep. Among other things, it processes memories, goes through a phase of creative penetration and learns new skills. Sleep helps you learn, grow, etc., and all of these processes take time.

This is why babies need 14 to 17 hours of sleep a day for the first three months of their lives, newborns are more asleep than awake.

Most school-age children need about eight to ten hours of sleep. Adolescents can aim for nine hours, which some adults even need. But seven or eight hours is enough for other adults .

It is important to get not only enough sleep, but also good quality sleep. And you should try to sleep on a regular schedule, sleep and wake up at the same time every day, even on weekends.

A good night's sleep can help you to perform well at school, at work and in sports. Sleep can also help with speed and memory, which can help you with things like singing or playing a musical instrument.

Gjumi i mirë ju ndihmon të dukeni dhe të ndiheni të freskët. Kur njerëzve u kërkohet të vlerësojnë se sa tërheqës është dikush, ata priren të vlerësojnë njerëzit më të qetë si më tërheqës, dhe më tërheqësit rezultojnë ata që bëjnë një gjumë të mirë dhe të rregullt.

Ora e mjaftueshme e gjumit dhe me cilësi të mirë mund t'ju ndihmojë të përballoni stresin dhe të kaloni më mirë me miqtë tuaj.

Nëse, si shumë njerëz, luftoni se nuk flini gjumë mjaftueshëm apo mirë, ka edhe kjo një zgjidhje. Duhet të vendosni një orar dhe të përpiqeni t'i përmbaheni çdo ditë atij orari kur shtriheni për të fjetur. Mund të vendosni alarm për tu kujtuar se kur është koha për të shkuar në shtrat.

Use the rest routine for an hour before bed, to concentrate and relax. You can include reading a book or remembering the best events of the day. Finally you can recall beautiful memories.

Try to avoid scary movies or books or get involved in debates just before bed. In the morning, think of something you are looking forward to and find a bed position to let the sun go down in the morning. This lets your brain know it is time to wake up.

Just like being physically fit and consuming foods with a balanced diet, good and regular sleep is a habit you should definitely invest in: It is actually an investment for a lifetime of yours!

How many hours of sleep do you really need and do you sleep like a dolphin? Some