You are helping others more than you deserve, meet the savior syndrome

You are helping others more than you deserve, meet the savior syndrome

Some people enjoy helping others. It is the principle of altruism. But what happens when it becomes "too" urgent, almost a necessity, a need that cannot be ignored?

In these cases, it turns into a syndrome and is called the savior syndrome.

What is savior syndrome?

As HealthLine explains, it's also called 'white knight syndrome'. It is about the need of some people to save others by solving their problems.

Being a psychological phenomenon, the savior syndrome is not simply an attitude to be altruistic, but rather a kind of obsession.

Usually the "savior" only feels good when he is helping someone, because he believes that this is the only purpose in life and is so dedicated to putting all his energies into play.

Rescuers are drawn to vulnerability and anxiety, especially if they have experienced pain themselves, which they have transformed into generalized sensitivity. Sometimes they try to change people, imposing what they think is best in terms of career, hobby, lifestyle. They believe that it is always necessary to find a solution, perhaps immediate, even for what needs to be processed, such as trauma or the loss of something important. They make great sacrifices in terms of emotions, time, money. They believe that they are the only ones who can solve a certain situation. They put aside their own needs to do what they think is the right thing.

Causes and origins of lifeguard syndrome

The cause of savior syndrome is usually found in people who feel unable to manage personal struggles, or have experienced unresolved trauma in the past. According to psychologist Maury Joseph, the savior believes that, despite not being able to solve their own problems, they will be able to save the whole world.

Risks and consequences

Again according to Josephus, a rescuer, whether frustrated or satisfied with the work, may feel tired or empty.

If you suffer from savior syndrome, it may be helpful to undergo psychoanalysis.