'Vuity' eye drops can replace reading glasses

'Vuity' eye drops can replace reading glasses

Blurred vision, or presbyopia, is one of the most irritating side effects of aging. But now there is a new therapy, eye drops that can improve close-up vision for hours, can help those who are tired of wearing reading glasses.

Vuity eye drops, newly approved by the Food and Drug Administration, take effect within 15 minutes of application and last up to six hours, according to data from clinical trials conducted last summer.

"Vuity is the first and only FDA-approved eye drop treatment for presbyopia, a blurred vision due to age," said Dr. George Waring director of the Waring Vision Institute in South Carolina.

Who are these eye drops for?

"Nearly half of the adult U.S. population currently has presbyopia, and most people over the age of 40-55 struggle with some vision loss due to age. This medicine is for all of them." tha Waring.

How do Vuity eye drops work?

Eye drops contain a medicine that has been used for over a hundred years, in a higher concentration, for the treatment of glaucoma, so it is a medicine about which it can be said that much is known. The low dose at Vuity eye drops works by temporarily reducing the pupil size, which enhances the ability to read closely while maintaining distance vision.

However the drops are not recommended for use at night if you plan to give them to the car.

According to clinical evidence, close-up vision of humans improved. In fact, compared with those who received eye drops with placebo, 22.9% more of those treated with Vuity drops could read at least three lines more on an eye chart than they could read before treatment.