If you can not stand the noise, you can suffer from this disease

If you can not stand the noise, you can suffer from this disease

Misophonia is high hypersensitivity or intolerance to specific noises, especially those related to chewing and swallowing. In the world 6-20% of people suffer from this disorder.

How specifically?

These people hate to hear others for example chewing, swallowing, drinking something, biting their nails, gnashing their teeth or chewing gum. Yes these are not the only ones.

These people are annoyed by the ticking of the clock, the barking of the dog, the rain, the noise of the tv, the radio, the ringing of the telephone, or the chalk on the blackboard.

The analysis of people suffering from this disorder found differences in some areas of the brain. In these people a more intense communication occurs from the hearing, to the responsible areas of the brain. These people have the ability to imitate, or imagine, the actions of others just by hearing a sound. And precisely, by imagining it, they create even more annoyance.

And in the annoyance going on, these people lose control and react harshly.

According to studies, misophonia seems to start at the age of puberty, ie between 9 and 13 years old, more in women.

How can it be treated?

It seems that gradual, prolonged and constant exposure to the sound caused by misophonia seems to teach the ear and brain with tolerance, reducing the degree of intolerance.

This therapy is not recommended by all doctors. Some fear the situation could get worse.

Misophonia is not a serious disorder, but it can have social and relational complications. Certain people may even drop out of school because they can not stand the chalk on the board.

This is why it is important to identify the problem and do what is possible to keep it under control.