Do you often feel sleepy? Here are the possible causes

Do you often feel sleepy? Here are the possible causes

Being constantly tired and always drowsy can be a call not to be underestimated: here’s what can be hidden behind it.

Daily life can load your nervous system with work, family, tasks and various things to take on. To feel tired is more than understandable, in these days full of tension, but beware: when fatigue becomes chronic, bringing with it that strange feeling of always being drowsy, even in the middle of the day and in " inappropriate time ”is to be worried about.

Do you often feel sleepy? Here are the possible causes

This phenomenon should not be underestimated, because it greatly affects the quality of life. In fact, it reduces the results of school and work, can lead to problems with concentration, memory and mood swings.

Sleeping too much is not the same as sleeping well: and sleep quality has a significant impact in some cases. Therefore, it is recommended to do everything that can facilitate rest: practice light sports without exaggeration, relax with a book, an herbal tea and if your doctor deems it reasonable, use natural herbs like valerian or sleeping pills.

Do you often feel sleepy? Here are the possible causes

So what are the other causes of this disorder?

1. Power supply

Lack of vitamin D and vitamin B12 gives the feeling of always being drowsy. To recover, it is good to know that vitamin D is stimulated from the outside, so long walks in nature are highly recommended. The amount of vitamin B12, on the other hand, can be increased with supplements prescribed by the doctor. To be limited are foods rich in fat, to the advantage of protein, fiber and carbohydrates. It is very important to drink plenty of water because when the heart is not hydrated enough, it struggles to perform its vital functions in its best way

2. Digital technology

Being always drowsy can also depend on an abuse, at the wrong moment, of digital technology. We are used to living our days constantly with a smartphone in hand and using various devices, from PCs to tablets. Having these screens constantly in front of your eyes is harmful: their brightness, as well as stimulating brain functions, activates the senses and limits (or prevents) falling asleep. It is advisable to turn off all appliances at least an hour before going to bed.

3. Problems with vision

Vision problems like myopia, if left untreated can cause a persistent sleep sensation. When the eyes fail to focus properly, the strain continues throughout the day, leading to sleep disturbances accompanied by headaches and feelings of confusion.

4. Pathologies

Some specific pathologies have, among the main symptoms, the tendency to always be drowsy. For this, the phenomenon should not be underestimated. In fact, it can be an indicator of hypothyroidism, diabetes or celiac disease, all diseases that need to be carefully monitored by a doctor.

5. Taking medication

Medication leaflet sometimes mentions sleep problems as one of the possible side effects of wrong intake or wrong dose. This, in fact, can interfere with one's rhythm of life, negatively affecting the sleep cycle as well. Medications with this contraindication include those with sedative effect (hypnotic, barbiturates).