When should you brush your teeth, before or after breakfast?

When should you brush your teeth, before or after breakfast?

It is a question that probably occurs to you often, but there is no real answer: what is important is not to forget the use of the toothbrush, a useful ally in the fight against the bacteria present in the oral cavity and which can reproduce excessively if not eliminated through washing. Here's what you need to know to make the right choice, depending on your habits.

Before breakfast - If you are one of those people who brush their teeth and then eat breakfast, the advantages are obvious: during the night, in fact, saliva is significantly reduced and this contributes, along with other factors, to the growth of bacteria that live in our mouths. A breakfast rich in sugary carbohydrates would help expand them uncontrollably. Additionally, acid production can affect tooth enamel making teeth more sensitive and weak. For this reason, washing them before breakfast would help remove bacteria and saliva production.

Disadvantage- Although it can be a great advantage to brush your teeth before breakfast, the obvious disadvantage is not cleaning your teeth from breakfast food, which can favor an increase in bacterial load and can increase acidity.

After breakfast – The situation is obviously similar for those who brush their teeth after eating breakfast: the obvious advantage is that brushing your teeth after eating first of all allows you to remove food that would remain on your teeth, possibly until the evening. Another factor that should not be forgotten is that the fluoride in the toothpaste will work better during the day if it is not displaced by chewing food immediately after brushing.

Disadvantage- But be careful: since acidic drinks like coffee or orange juice are typical for breakfast, brushing your teeth too soon after a meal can damage the enamel. Before washing them, it would be better to wait for the natural pH of the mouth to be restored, which takes at least 30 minutes.

In any case, all experts agree on one aspect: it is important not to forget to brush your teeth and to do it carefully. Dentists recommend brushing twice a day to maintain good oral hygiene.