Tips to take care of mental health in 2022

Tips to take care of mental health in 2022

With a new year coming new challenges, new opportunities and caring for your mental health should be everyone's solution for the new year. Farewell to 2021, which was a pandemic year, has taught us even more the importance of mental health.

In 2022, start your day with regular exercise, doing physical activity is not about losing weight, it is about raising mood and increasing the happy feelings that are produced by your brain when you exercise. While keeping yourself active, remember to take care of your diet. Eating balanced and nutritious foods is very essential. It is true when they say that you feel what you eat, which means that your mood is also affected by food intake. Keeping yourself hydrated is highly recommended.

Develop a healthy sleep pattern.

Ideally 6-8 hours of sleep is enough, but the quality of sleep also matters. To improve sleep quality, be sure to avoid screen time 2 hours before bedtime and give yourself 30-40 minutes before bed to take care of myself or what is known as my time. This time is for you to enjoy self-care activities or things that are relaxing and therapeutic. Some people would enjoy taking care of their hair and skin, some would like to read a book by heart, some would listen to a soothing podcast or music, meditate or write a diary.

This year another major goal should be to improve our social and emotional support. Coming from our relationships, our family members, friends and co-workers. Since we are social beings, it is clear that we need to socialize and since the pandemic very little has happened. So enjoy communicating online or in person by regularly considering pandemic precautions with friends and family. Share with them your emotions, feelings and thoughts while also actively listening to others.

Develop new skills and challenge your skills, but at the same time relax and enjoy your hobbies. Doing what you are passionate about will reduce stress, level of dissatisfaction and improve your mood and in the long run will increase your mental well-being.

Set realistic, achievable and achievable goals. Design your short-term goals in a way that helps you achieve your long-term goals. Focus on productivity, but do not overdo it by working too hard or out of bounds. Take vacations when needed. During the break do things that make you happy. Focus on your strengths and not your limitations.

Start writing a diary if you have not already done so, a few words or a few pages of gratitude. Keep track of your progress and accomplishments through the diary.

Manage insecurity by staying in the present, take each day as it comes and focus on the things you can control. Awareness and meditation can be excellent tools. While we can not control everything that happens to us, we can control our reaction to the situation we are facing and the attitude we hold towards it. We can empower ourselves by living carefully. Good mental health does not mean that we have only happy thoughts. Sad or boring things are part of life. Problems are also part of life. Good mental health means looking at the situation for what it really is; practice healthy thinking.

We all need to find time to slow down and relax. It's a big part of managing the stress and enjoyment of our lives. When we do not take the time to slow down, stresses can escalate until we feel too overwhelmed to do anything. When we relax, it is easier to see problems and solutions clearly. It is easier to manage difficult feelings and it is easier to see the bigger and brighter picture of situations. It is easier to focus on what is happening now than to worry about the past or the future. You can achieve this through yoga, meditation, exercise and tai chi, which are some of the popular activities.

Finally, let us also normalize the search for professional help from a mental health expert in 2022 and end the stigma of mental health so that mental health services are easily accessible to all.