What to avoid when your face gets acne!

What to avoid when your face gets acne!

Acne breakouts are difficult to detect. Are they hormones? A reaction to an unpleasant situation? Something we ate? Stress? Lack of sleep? By forcibly touching our face? The answer is yes. If that didn't make sense, exactly.

When you suffer from an acne outbreak, which simply will not go away, the plan of action is to do an elimination practice. Think of it as an elimination diet for your face… and a diet that does not necessarily start, or end with food. Here are some ideas on what to avoid:


Processed sugars cause our insulin to rise, which in turn creates a cascade of other hormonal responses.

Touching the face

Our fingers are extremely infectious to our skin from touching phones, door handles, keys, laptops… etc. It is never good to touch the skin with your hands.


This is not the same for everyone, but for most people, whey protein, sugars and hormones in commercial milk will also cause hormonal fluctuations.

Strong moisturizer

It's vital to hydrate the skin - we absolutely do not want to overlook this step when acne breaks out, because dry skin will compensate more by producing more sebum, making the problem worse. We just do not want to burden the already stressed skin with heavy oils that can clog pores.


Dehydrated skin creates a compromised barrier that makes it harder to keep out bacteria and debris.


While one or two glasses of wine will not hurt you, excessive alcohol consumption impedes our liver's ability to detoxify.


Deep and restorative rest is synonymous with skin healing.

Hydrogenated oils

These modified oils are found in most canned and packaged foods because the addition of hydrogen makes the oils very stable on the shelf. As you can imagine, this is not good for the body. Not only are they inflammatory, but these oils are associated with concentrations of insulin growth factor, which stimulates the production of hormones that can cause acne.