Depression, eating disorders and cancer / Here's how doing "naked yoga" transformed Dorian Gani's life

Depression, eating disorders and cancer / Here's how doing "naked

After a traumatic childhood, eating disorders that accompanied her during adolescence and treatment for cancer, when she was still young, Londoner Doria Gani found "liberation" in nude yoga therapy, which she discovered during a trip to Bali. Gani already invites people from all over the world to do like her.

In an interview with the British "The Times", Gani says: "Liberating from the outer facade of man, which is clothing, in a safe environment where you feel you can undress and be vulnerable, you manage not to judge others and begin to appreciate them, but also yourself more. This therapy increases your self-confidence, as it challenges you to get out of your comfort zone ".

She has traveled to India, Bali and other oriental countries where she has perfected the art of Yoga and says she is already living the best moments of her life.

To help others follow her path, Gani has created an “online” platform where she shares her journey and guides others on how they can achieve peace of mind and appreciate their body as it is, without the shame that society generally gives to being naked.