6 things not to do on an empty stomach

6 things not to do on an empty stomach

Everything we do affects our body in one way or another. However, our health is more vulnerable when we have an empty stomach. Our body requires food that can be converted into energy and nutrients within seconds and that is why it becomes hungry.

Taking anti-inflammatory drugs

Some popular anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as paracetamol, aspirin, etc., should not be taken on an empty stomach. First, it will reduce the effectiveness of these drugs and can also cause some serious health-related problems, such as gastric bleeding.

Drinking coffee in the morning

Coffee, even decaffeinated, tends to create acid in the stomach and can result in heartburn or other digestive problems if consumed on an empty stomach.

Alcohol consumption

When you're hungry, your body tends to absorb whatever you consume at a faster rate. As a result, when you drink alcohol, absorption will begin to increase and occur twice as fast


Chewing gum produces digestive acid which can result in damage to the delicate lining of your stomach. If you have a lot of chewing gum, then this can lead to gastritis.

Skipping dinner

If you have ever skipped dinner, then you must have found that the next day you were terribly hungry. Low glucose and hunger can cause a lack of proper sleep at night and cause a type of surface sleep.

Consuming a lot of citrus-based juices

Citrus foods have strong fiber and an acid base that will cause stomach irritation. It can cause gastritis or make you vulnerable to it.