5 habits that make you nervous without realizing it

5 habits that make you nervous without realizing it

Research shows that our brain is focused on negative things. Ironically, some of the coping mechanisms we use to distract our minds from these thoughts often worsen our mood. We end up complicating the problem that we were subconsciously trying to solve.

Susan Zinn, a psychotherapist in Santa Monica, California shows some of the habits that aggravate our nervousness.

Do not eat when you are hungry

When blood sugar is low, it causes a hormonal problem by boosting cortisol, which is associated with stress. Lack of energy makes us feel irritated, tired, sluggish and upset. We have less tolerance.

Excessive watching TV makes you feel emotionally bad

Just when it's supposed to calm your mind and body to sleep, you pick your favorite series. Especially if the series is about crime, investigations, murders, violence, they make you feel depressed, even though you do not understand it.

Stay inside all day

The body and brain need ventilation. Natural light is very necessary. Within 30 minutes of waking up, go outside for a walk even if you are resting.

Check your phone notifications as soon as they arrive, ie in real time

People check their phones approximately 50 times a day on average, or every 20 minutes. This can lead to problems with time management and feeling overwhelmed, which in turn leads to general irritability.

Doomsrolling (navigating negative news)

Doomscrolling is inevitable with long stay on social media. All the misinformation, conspiracy theories, and pandemic-related warnings in the news can have a major impact on our mental well-being.