5 actions to do this new year, which improve health, but have nothing to do with weight loss

5 actions to do this new year, which improve health, but have nothing to do with

It's not easy to make decisions when the New Year comes, even though everyone tries to make it. It gets even harder when there is a pandemic between us and so many factors that affect our health and well-being we actually have out of control. Despite following the rules, anti-Covid measures are sometimes difficult to avoid infection, but one thing we all have on hand is to treat ourselves well.

The 5 tips are found below and have nothing to do with what many people want to start at the beginning of each year, to lose weight.

1. Do not blame yourself for what you ate during the holidays

After the holiday season, many people feel guilty about everything they have spent their last days or weeks eating and drinking. As Ashley Broadwater wrote in a recent HuffPost article, people often reprimand themselves. Foods are not divided into good or bad. Of course, some are richer in nutrients than others. But you are never a bad or good person by the way you eat.

2. Move, do not start the diet

A study published last fall found that exercise is far more important than weight loss when it comes to increasing longevity and improving heart health. So better exercise than starting the diet.

Just remember, moderation is key. Excessive exercise can actually be a bad thing for your mental and physical health, so allow yourself to spend more time on the couch as well.

3. Ask for help

The beginning of the year is the right time to seek help. Reflect on a weakness you have, whatever it is, a workload, on everything difficult and seek help.

If you are an exhausted parent who needs a break, ask a family member to look after your children one night, even if they are not offering themselves for help. Find some time for yourself.

4. Continue to be responsible when it comes to COVID, but do not judge yourself if you get sick.

Do everything you can to protect yourself, but if you are affected by Covid anyway, but blame yourself.

It is not your fault that omicron is so contagious. Decide to repeat to yourself if you test positive as the numbers increase.

5. Change a habit

Choose a new habit you want to work with in 2022, make a list of daily habits you already have, then set them in a way that makes sense, i.e. as priorities. For example, you can decide to meditate for just a minute while drinking coffee. Do this until it becomes a daily habit, then you can create another one.