4 Disadvantages of drinking lemon water every day

4 Disadvantages of drinking lemon water every day

The world of weight management will reveal many secrets to weight control. One of them is also drinking lemon water on an empty stomach every day. If you too are a fan of this so-called magic mantra, you should stop immediately. Why? Because this fast drink can do more harm than good if consumed daily.

May cause tooth decay

Drinking lemon water daily can cause damage to tooth enamel and also cause tooth decay. The reason is the acid present in the lemon juice.

May cause nausea and heartburn

Excessive drinking of lemon water can cause heartburn and vomiting. This is again due to the presence of acids in the lemon.

It can leave you with a upset stomach

Lemon water, if taken in large quantities and regularly, can be bitter for your stomach.

May cause frequent urination

Some people may report frequent dehydration and urination as possible side effects of drinking too much lemon water. Some studies suggest that lemon juice is high in ascorbic acid or vitamin C which is a diuretic. It encourages the production of urine in the kidneys, thus helping the body get rid of excess salt and fluids more quickly.