Our goal is to eliminate Roaming between the Western Balkans and the EU! Here is when the process starts

Our goal is to eliminate Roaming between the Western Balkans and the EU! Here is

#folsinship created the opportunity for the entire Western Balkans (Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia and Serbia) to speak wherever they are with tariffs as in their own country. So if someone from Albania goes to Serbia, he speaks without Roaming, but with normal tariffs. The same goes for exchanging messages or surfing the internet.

What if we talked the same when we left the Region? When do we visit EU countries for holidays or work?

This is the next plan of the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC), led by Majlinda Bregu . After the abolition of Roaming in the Region, from last July, work is being done for the abolition of Roaming between BP (Western Balkans) and EU countries. The process starts on June 8th.

500% increase in the use of telephone dates after "Roam Like at Home" can not be neglected. There was a clear market value in realizing Roam like at Home, the business community was eager to use this policy, citizens deserve it and more. That is why we have started seriously, and not without cost, the work to reduce roaming tariffs between the Balkan countries and Europe. "On June 8, the Western Balkans and the European Union begin the process of approximation of regulatory policies and practices to converge towards the Common Digital Market", said Bregu today.

The inter-ministerial meeting was held in Tirana, where it gathered the relevant ministers of tourism and not only in the region. Also present at the event were the Minister of Tourism and Environment, Mirela Kumbaro and the Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj.