The story of the 32-year-old who killed his wife: He told me to die, me and the child, I was afraid for the girl

The story of the 32-year-old who killed his wife: He told me to die, me and the

The partial clarification of the testimony of the Greek pilot Haralambos Anagnostopoulos who admitted that he killed his British wife, 20-year-old Caroline Crouch, has begun. He confesses that the event happened unintentionally and states that Caroline was suffering from psychological illnesses that made her aggressive, claiming that even when she committed the act she did it without full conscience after one of the many conflicts they had.

Scary evening events according to Anagnostopoulos:

“Pasi humbëm fëmijën e parë ajo kishte pasur probleme të mëdha shëndetësore dhe psikologjike. Si ishte gjendja në shtëpinë tonë nuk mund t’ua përshkruaj me fjalë. Ajo ishte gjithçka për mua, por nuk ishte më vetvetja. Ndërkohë që gjithçka shkonte mirë dhe ishim mirë e bukur në një moment të rastësishëm për shkakun më të kotë ajo bëhej agresive përkundrejt meje. Sikur i shkelej një buton dhe bëhej tjetër njeri. Për atë një orë ajo më godiste, më ulërinte. Më pas kthehej në vetvete dhe sillej normalisht. I propozova të shkojmë në psikolog dhe ajo pranoi dhe ne shkuam tek zonja (emri i psikologes nuk bëhet me dije) për seanca.

I was sitting with Lidian and we were playing on the couch when at one point the little one fell and started crying. Carolina came up to me and started screaming. I do not remember what he said firmly, but running away he said "do not you both die to die". Of course, I did not pay attention to those words, because I knew she was not herself and she said those words out of nervousness. A few minutes before the event I took the little one and went to bed to sleep all three of us.

As soon as we lay down, Carolina opened her eyes and started yelling at me for bringing her the little one and not letting her sleep. The little one woke up and then on the nerves she grabbed the baby with both hands and threw him forcefully on her mattress. I turned to you and said, “Are you okay? How does it hurt the little one like that? ” and she replied, "I will do what I want."

I started thinking about what he told me and was bothering me. When she treated me like that in her presence, what does she do when I'm not here? She and could have killed the baby. I went up to the bedroom again in order to make one last attempt. I lay down next to her and took her in my arms. I told her to stick with the girl and sleep together. She told me not to bring the girl and tried to get away from my hug. I continued to hold her tightly saying the little one has to climb up to sleep. Her head was on the pillow and I kept squeezing it around the pillow for a few minutes until I realized she was no longer moving. I lost control. I tried to wake her, I shook her, but everything was in vain I immediately went down to the living room to see if the girl was well and while she was sleeping, I turned upstairs.

I immediately thought of trying to get the girl to grow up with at least one parent. It occurred to me to destroy the body, but I could not. Just watching him made me cry. The next thing I thought was to stage a robbery. I was in a panic, I did not know what to do. I thought it would be more credible to say that ruthless robbers entered the house and to make it more credible I killed the dog. With heartache I hung her on the stairs because everyone knew how much I loved her and no one would believe I could have done it.

I then tied my legs and put laces on my mouth. "All this time, the girl was sleeping . "

Translated from the story in the Athens prosecutor's office / tiranapost.al