Following tensions with Serbia in the north, Kosovo convenes the Security Council

Following tensions with Serbia in the north, Kosovo convenes the Security

After 6 days of tensions in the north of the country with Serbia, the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Kurti has convened the National Security Council.

The reason for the tensions was the establishment of reciprocity by Kosovo for Serbian license plates. For a week now, Kosovo has been implementing the law that requires the placement of temporary license plates for every vehicle with Serbian license plates that enters the territory. The same goes for Serbia with Kosovo license plates. At the border in Jarinje and Brnjak, Serb residents were setting up checkpoints and according to Kurti, if it were not for the police, the border crossings would have been burned by them. Fighter jets have flown over the border today.

"Imagine what it would look like in points 1 and 31 if the special police were not there. Today's attacks are evidence that this was also targeted at points in Jarinje and Brnjak. Today it was proved that we have border crossings because we have special police units. "No incident at any border point on the sixth day of the implementation decision of the Kosovo government. Where there is a Kosovo police there are no incidents where there is no police there are incidents as happened in Zubin Potok", said Kurti.

Regarding the helicopters and fighter jets that Serbia is sending to the border, Kurti emphasizes that attempts are being made to incite regional conflict.

"Serbia is bringing Russian helicopters and fighter jets close to the border, Serbia is trying to incite regional conflict. Obstacles and blockades including today’s criminal actions are such because crime has been the only form of survival for them. The decision on license plates is not addressed to Kosovo Serb citizens, this decision is an equal measure that the Serbian state applies to Kosovo citizens. We call on citizens in the north without ethnic differences to respect the law and not be influenced by those who incite violence. Over 9 thousand temporary license plates have been issued so far, it seems that the arsonists from Belgrade are worried about this. ", Said Kurti.