If the price for EU is depersonalization, we do not need it

If the price for EU is depersonalization, we do not need it

Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Nikola Dimitrov has reacted harshly to Bulgaria's veto and non-opening of EU membership negotiations. At yesterday's Council meeting, no date was given as the matter will be reconsidered in December. Bulgaria's veto also blocked Albania, as the countries would simultaneously receive the date for the intergovernmental conference.

Nikola Dimitrov told the Macedonian media:

"Ever since this process began, when the efforts of the German presidency intensified, I have said that I am OK with the fact that if we cannot open the doors because of the Macedonian language, we will not open those doors. "This raises the question of how European the European Union is."

Dimitrov added that if the price for the country's path to the EU is depersonalization, then "we do not need such an EU."

"In Sofia, we had detailed talks on the development of sectoral cooperation and talks on the work process of the commission on historical and educational issues. In a way, it should be a guide, a bilateral document that according to the Portuguese proposal will be considered through the process of stabilization and association.

He stressed that as a precondition for this, the Bulgarian side was asked to say yes to the start of negotiations and the holding of the first intergovernmental conference.

"The offer was about giving the green light now. Of course we will continue our efforts, but we can not resolve this issue in part as it suits one party. The Friendship Agreement also has the support of the Bulgarian side on our European path. It's difficult to reconcile the words support with the word blockade or veto. "

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