Broadcasting of a Serbian television show in Montenegro is prohibited for hate speech

Broadcasting of a Serbian television show in Montenegro is prohibited for hate

The council of the Agency for Electronic Media in Montenegro decided on Saturday to ban the broadcasting of the program content of the Television from Serbia, TV Happy for six months due to "incitement to hatred".

The Agency for Electronic Media (AME) states that the decision was made because in a period of time on this television, namely in the show "Good Morning Serbia" there was program content that incited hatred, intolerance and discrimination against members of the Montenegrin nationality.

"The Agency for Electronic Media had in mind that the program contents use derogatory, insulting or disturbing expressions that incite strong negative emotions, expressions of hostility or desire for discrimination, as well as despise or devalue Montenegrins, denying their nationality and identity," the statement said. of AME.

AME assessed that in the mentioned contents of this television the rights of freedom of expression have been abused.

"Considering that this is a matter of public interest, the protection of which requires the implementation of measures to prevent incitement to hatred, AME concluded that it is justified to limit the broadcast of the problematic show for a period of six months."

The Convention on Transfrontier Television states: they must contain no incitement to hatred based on race, sex, religion or nationality. "

The Agency for Electronic Media was prompted for its action by the recent appearance of the chairman of the Serbian Radical Party, Vojislav Seselj on TV Happy where he offended the women from Cetina, Montenegro.

Seselj's insults provoked numerous reactions in Montenegro from both political parties and the civil sector, warning of lawsuits against Seselj.

Received from VOA