Serbian media: Greece is on the way to recognizing Kosovo

Serbian media: Greece is on the way to recognizing Kosovo

It is a completely real possibility that the five countries of the European Union, which until now have not recognized Kosovo's independence - Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Slovakia and Romania, will change their position, even before the deadline set by the 13- points of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron, and the closest to recognition is currently Greece, claim diplomatic sources of the Serbian newspaper "Danas", media reports in Kosova Express.

"Greece is the closest to this because it is currently treating Kosovo in everything as an independent state and it is only a matter of time when it will do this officially. Until now, Greece has not recognized Kosovo due to that country's interests and regional dynamics of relations, but the main Balkan problem that Greece had - the dispute with North Macedonia - has been resolved. They have no other obstacle to the issue of independence except Cyprus", say the sources of the Serbian newspaper.

"If Greece does this, Cyprus will certainly be angry, but it will certainly not remain the only country that does not recognize Kosovo's independence, if the EU demands unity from its members and if Greece raises this issue. In that case, it is only a matter of time and agreement when Spain will do the same. For Romania and Slovakia, the issue is even simpler", say the sources of the Serbian newspaper "Danas".

The latest 13-point plan of Germany and France, for dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina and the final normalization of relations based on mutual recognition, foresees that all five remaining EU countries recognize the independence of Kosovo, so that the agreement that it will achieve full legitimacy at the EU level.