Kurti: The whole region to integrate together in the EU! Serbia is holding itself hostage, time to gain independence from Kosovo

Kurti: The whole region to integrate together in the EU! Serbia is holding

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti in a statement to the media given outside the proceedings of the Summit of Balkan Leaders said that European integration should be common to all six countries in the Western Balkans region, adding that the non-recognition of Kosovo's independence by Serbia is holding the whole integration process hostage.

He said that "13 years ago Kosovo gained independence from Serbia, now is the time for Serbia to gain independence from Kosovo and distance itself from the Milosevic regime."

"The EU is not Europe, because it is not complete with the 6 countries of the Western Balkans, we are the most European people in Europe, all regional initiatives are stalled because there is a lack of recognition of Kosovo by Serbia, recognition by Serbia would create the situation in the villa of all countries would cooperate more. In this respect, the common market alone is not enough, but the values ??of the EU should be established in relation to all countries, equality, the fight against corruption, investments in the economy, the rule of law and so on, I gave a proposal on how I can We are moving forward and this is the model of the European agreement, EFTA, for us to enter the EU as a common region in terms of Economy and Trade so that at the end of this decade we would be ready to join the EU. "There is no more minishengen, but the Berlin process."- Kurti said, among other things, for Albanian journalists.