Kurti: Radoicic's paramilitary group is reorganizing on the Kosovo-Serbia border

Kurti: Radoicic's paramilitary group is reorganizing on the Kosovo-Serbia

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, through a post on the Facebook social network, raised the alarm about a reorganization of the Serbian paramilitary group that carried out the attack in Basnjka on September 24.

Kurti informs that under the leadership of Milan Raoicic, a meeting was held a few days ago in Raska, Serbia, where politicians from municipalities with a Serbian majority in Kosovo also participated.

"In Raska, Serbia, the paramilitary and terrorist reorganization of Milan Radoicic and his group, with the instructions and support of the Serbian state, is taking place. On Friday, November 10, he led a meeting with about 40 Serbian politicians and officials of illegal municipalities from Kosovo. At the meeting held at the house of culture in Raska, he was accompanied by Svetlana Milladinov, the deputy of Petar Petkovic, the coordinator of the so-called office of Serbia for Kosovo. During this meeting, in addition to the deputies of the Serbian List, its new chairman Zlatan Elek and the vice-chairmen, Dragisha Millović and Dalibor Jevtić, also participated. Mobilization for voting for the party-state in Serbia, SNS, in the December 17 elections was requested. Those who are on the payroll have been conditioned with them, while others have been offered jobs for a period of 3 and 6 months. "Millan Radoicic, after the terrorist attack in the north, was released within the day to continue his paramilitary and terrorist activities in the service of Serbia's state policy against Kosovo", announced Kurti.

Next, he asks the international missions, KFOR and EULEX, to react and strongly condemn the reorganization of Radoicic's military group in Serbia.

"Five months have passed since the kidnapping in Leposaviq of our border policemen Rifat Zeka, Beqir Sefa and Shemë Mustafa and eight weeks since the murder of Kosovo Police Sergeant Afrim Bunjaku. KFOR, EULEX and the EU should come out with a public and official report where they attribute the act of aggression and the crime of terrorism to Serbia, and where the reorganization of Radoicic's group is condemned. Even after international pressure, Serbia still has not withdrawn all troops and artillery from the vicinity of the territory of Kosovo. It continues to threaten the security of the Republic of Kosovo with the forward operating bases of the Armed Forces of Serbia along the border with our country. Moreover, Serbia has deployed anti-aircraft systems near the border with Kosovo. The threat from Russia and Serbia to regional stability, peace and security is being noticed more and more. Russia aims to start a fire of crisis in the EU yard, to defocus NATO, while Serbia fulfills its territorial ambitions towards its neighbors according to the "Serbian World" project of Vulini and Vučić. The lack of sanctions against Serbia increases the level of threat in the Western Balkans. The leaders of the terrorist group, instead of facing justice in Kosovo, continue preparations for other attacks on Kosovo and collection of votes by blackmailing Kosovo Serbs."