A new border point is opened between Albania and Kosovo

A new border point is opened between Albania and Kosovo

Following the agreement signed at the meeting of the two governments in November 2021, Albania and Kosovo already have another common border point. She in Shishtavec-Krushevo. Residents of border areas are expected to move freely in both countries very soon. The inauguration ceremony was attended by the Ministers of Interior of the two countries, Bledi Çuçi and Xhelal Sveçla, as well as the police leaders in Albania and Kosovo.

"In our joint agenda started with the signing of three agreements, this is one of the important steps in the implementation of these agreements. We should consider it a country, not a foreign one, but a country that temporarily has some regimes that complicate our mobility a bit, but very soon we will remove them and I am confident that our generation will live and enjoy this vision that we have in mind the will of the two governments in Albania and Kosovo ", said Minister Çuçi.

Following his speech, Minister Çuçi also stressed that the opening of this joint border point will unleash the potentials of tourism development in the area.

"Both sides of the border are areas with extraordinary potentials for tourism development, which can be frequented by tourists from both countries, but also by foreign tourists who are not few in this area," said Cuci.