The "Pandora's Box" opens in Montenegro. Senior official suspected of being involved

The "Pandora's Box" opens in Montenegro. Senior official

The Montenegrin research center MANS, which participated in the Pandora Letters research, said that Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic and his son Blazo signed secret agreements on wealth management in 2012, being hiding behind a network of companies from the UK, Switzerland, the British Virgin Islands, Panama and Gibraltar.

Djukanovic's cabinet has said that the publication of the Mans Center is another "attempt to discredit the President of Montenegro and his family." untruths.

But leaked documents about the "concealment of wealth" of President Djukanovic and his son Blazo continue to be widely commented on by the ruling parties and the President's Social Democratic Party, but also by various institutions. The Special State Prosecutor says that he will take all necessary measures from his competencies to clarify the facts and circumstances and will inform the public about the results.

MANS does not believe in the work of investigators investigating Djukanovic

Meanwhile, from the MANS network that have made the disclosure of documents and that continue to bring others, they do not have much faith in the work of the special prosecutor. Dejan Milovac from MANS says that "even before there have been important revelations about the money of Montenegrin politicians abroad and so far we have not had any answers, so even in this case I do not expect anything new." He adds that "International co-operation is needed with Switzerland, the United Kingdom and other partners who have experience when it comes to complex financial investigation issues, especially those involving OFF SHORE destinations."

For Deputy Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic's URA Civic Movement, Djukanovic's government does not deserve to exercise any political function. The political director of the URA Movement, Ana Novakovic, has asked the President to answer the public, "why he did not open bank accounts in the country, but in distant destinations through offshore companies behind which is the concealment of wealth." This party has been insisting for years on the adoption of the Law on the Origin of Djukanovic Wealth. On the other hand, the officials of Djukanovic's Democratic Socialist Party assess that all this is another fabricated affair against the President of Montenegro.

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