Two countries in the region increase the price of electricity by up to 135%

Two countries in the region increase the price of electricity by up to 135%

Companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia have received announcements from their suppliers that the price of electricity will rise by 70-135 per cent. If new prices become a reality , companies will have to cut production, lay off workers and raise the price of goods and services.

The dizzying rise in electricity prices in recent months has flooded across Europe, and the main reasons are CO2 and natural gas emission prices. Prices in energy exchanges currently range from 90 to 200 euros per MWh. In the Serbian electricity exchange SEEPEX, the price has increased by almost 80% since the beginning of the year, and the price of the first day stands at 174 EUR per MWh. Companies in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina do not buy electricity in exchanges, but the price is not regulated as for households.

Companies in the region felt the first blow in June, but price increases on energy exchanges continued, so it was only a matter of time before it would spread back to bilateral contracts.

Some European countries have begun to introduce measures to help the corporate sector

In an interview with Balkan Green Energy News in August, when the annual price increase was already around 60%, Dejan Stoj?evski, chief operating officer of the SEEPEX electricity exchange, warned that businesses buying electricity on the open market had cause for concern.

"Consumers who have long-term contracts for this year and next year will not be affected by the price increase, but those who buy electricity through short-term contracts, and in the second half of the year for next year, will face problems. "Those customers who signed deals for next year in March or April of this year are not affected because the price at that time was around 60 euros," Stoj?evski said.