'We will sit down for talks with Serbia!' Albin Kurti at the conference with Olaf Scholz

'We will sit down for talks with Serbia!' Albin Kurti at the

Olaf Scholz's two-day visit to the Balkans has begun and the first stop was in Kosovo. At a conference with Albin Kurti, Scholz was asked about his stance on the Open Balkans. The latter's summit was held in Ohrid, a few days ago. Serbia was present, Kosovo was absent.

Neither Scholz mentioned Open Balkan nor Kurti during his speech. Both said that dialogue with Serbia is important.

Kurti said: "We are continuing the preparation for the application for candidate status at the end of this year. There is an urgent need for Kosovo's membership in NATO's peace program. "As for the issue of dialogue with Belgrade, I showed that we are ready for a solution."

Scholz said: "We have talked about the Berlin revitalization process and we will meet in the autumn. It is important for Kosovo that the dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo move forward. Through an agreement find a specific solution, especially in today's times after the war in Ukraine. "The agreement must finally resolve the recognition of Kosovo, because it is unacceptable for two countries that do not recognize each other to join the EU."

A question from journalists was addressed to Scholz about the Open Balkans and the fact that Kosovo was not present at the Summit.

"There have been meetings in Berlin as well. There was an opportunity to meet and start a dialogue.

It is something where pragmatism is required in the end, in order to resolve issues within the dialogue. Regarding the questions for Open Balkan, I want to make it clear that for us a great priority is the Common Regional Market, which must be realized. All the issues that are in his function are important. If everyone wants to go to the EU, the rules of the road are important there too. "Whoever joins them must follow them."