Statements of Bulgarian MPs that "Macedonia is Bulgaria", Skopje reacts harshly

Statements of Bulgarian MPs that "Macedonia is Bulgaria", Skopje

Official Skopje reacted harshly after the statements of the previous day of the Bulgarian MPs, who in yesterday's session used the inscriptions "Macedonia is Bulgaria", statements that were transmitted through the rostrum of the Bulgarian Parliament in the same session.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Northern Macedonia has sent a Verbal Note to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria urging it to condemn hate speech and territorial claims against Northern Macedonia.

"Such declarations are contrary to European democratic values, but also against the Agreement on Friendship, Neighborhood and Cooperation and do not contribute to the cultivation of the principles and spirit of the Agreement. "The Republic of Northern Macedonia expects the official representatives of Bulgaria to condemn this explicit language of hatred and territorial claims towards Northern Macedonia, as an extreme act, incorrectly towards a neighboring friendly state," reads the Verbal Note of the Macedonian Foreign Ministry.

The day before, the Bulgarian Parliament approved the French proposal for unblocking the integration process of Northern Macedonia.