Elections 2025, Veliaj from Kavaja: Let them deal with gossip, slander and lies, we are focused on the next victory

Elections 2025, Veliaj from Kavaja: Let them deal with gossip, slander and lies,

From the meeting with the SP structures in Kavaja, the political leader of the Socialist Party for Tirana District, Erion Veliaj, said that his ambition is that in the next elections, Kavaja will join the train of victories in the Municipality of Tirana, Kamza, Vora and Rogozhina.

"We have tried both: the sour taste of defeat with few votes, but also the sweet taste of massive victory. Since we have tried both experiences, we know exactly how to correct ourselves, how to apologize where we may have made a mistake. We didn't make mistakes, but small mistakes! We may have underestimated someone, we should respect others by keeping the house open, so that they can be an empowering part of our family. We have learned all these lessons. I firmly believe that in the District of Tirana, which is also the largest district and produces the largest number of mandates - I don't know how many will be fixed, 38-39-40 - but it is important to win everywhere. Not to win 4-1, but 5-0, as befits us, as befits our district, which is the district that produces the largest number of deputies", said Veliaj.

The mayor also commented on the opposition attacks, when he said that they are planned by those who do not know how to do a good job and attack the SP because it is impossible for them to win the elections. Veliaj said that they have divided their minds to deal only with gossip, quarrels, slander and lies.

"There is no doubt that even this "non-stop" attack, which is carried out against Tirana, against our party, against our leadership, is done with a plan. Because they know that the District of Tirana will have both the group and the largest production of mandates in the Parliament. This is not a personal quarrel. None of us are naive. It is about a "non-stop" attack, to attack all the main figures of the SP, because it is impossible for them to win. Meanwhile, while they have divided their minds to deal with chatter, with quarrels, with slander, with lies - let them continue their work - we deal with victory, with the organization of people, with mobilization, with concrete projects, we have a president like Edi Rama, who is undoubtedly the best prime minister we have had, since the time of Independence, and a Socialist Party that has broken the record with three mandates and that will convincingly break the record with four mandates. We have our work cut out for us and we're focused on the finish, let them keep talking. Be prepared that whoever will engage in politics will hear some of this talk. I am already used to it, but for some who are new, you will hear all kinds of strange things. But like a good sportsman, when someone talks from the stairs, we don't leave the match to deal with him on the stairs, but stay on the field until he scores the goal, and wins as befits our Tirana and our entire district. 5-0", said Veliaj.