Veliaj: They themselves live in towers and villas in Lalz, but they speak against construction

Veliaj: They themselves live in towers and villas in Lalz, but they speak

During the meeting with the youth of Unit 2, Mayor Veliaj also commented on those who talk about construction, when he said that Tirana grows every day and welcomes all those who want to build their lives here. Veliaj said that their logic is that they themselves live in Tirana and have villas and apartments, but others who come and join the capital should not have this right.

Excerpts from Veliaj's response to the youth:"Many of these analysts, who say that we are suffocated by concrete and that we need all these apartments, none of them has volunteered to live in an adobe house until now. So, they want to see them having fun themselves, but no one has said so far: 'You know what, you take this house of mine in the hills of Lundra, where I live like a big boss, because I will come to live in your adobe house, here in Unit 2'. They themselves live in towers, but others must not live there; themselves have houses in Lalz, but others should not; they themselves got the best of capitalism, but not for others! In effect, they are saying: My tower is better than that other's tower. So, this is a towering mess, not a logic, that clearly you today, the majority, that maybe some of you are disconnected or are in the dormitory, but most of you live with your parents. This city is destined to grow, not only from natural growth, but from all the odds and ends that, as Saliu was given the chance to come to Tirana as a student, become a doctor, become president, become prime minister, divide us, to wreak havoc, or Ilir Meta to come from Skrapari - the question is: For those who have been given a chance, why do they want to close the chances for others and why do they want to enter this fight?"