Veliaj meets Public Transport Operators: 3 requirements that will be met and conditions that must be met

Veliaj meets Public Transport Operators: 3 requirements that will be met and

Mayor Veliaj has held a meeting today with the Operators of providing Public Transport Service. As of October 18, the operators are operating at 50% of capacity. Veliaj offered today the solutions he proposes, from the abolition of VAT, reduction of excise and subsidy of tickets and season tickets, but with some conditions.

"Reduction of VAT from 20 to 6%, removal of oil excise and reimbursement of the ticket value to 30 lek and 600 lek of the subscription. We have not requested a price increase.

We would not be in this situation if we had respected the agreements we made from the beginning.

We predicted this situation some time ago. If we were to turn into hybrids and energetic, we would have it much easier today.

Today, in terms of the price of oil, we would have gained an independence that would be the municipality itself that would help you with free energy.

I spoke with the Prime Minister and we have seriously considered removing VAT. What we are going to do is excise refund not excise waiver. That if we remove it completely, it leaves room for abuse.

This will not be done unless we set up GPS. We can not refund you if we do not know where you are, how many kilometers you have done. We can not have half of the operators with GPS and half with ear.

The second concerns compensations related to certain categories, veterans, students and categories of people with special needs. It will take transparency how many such people we use buses to start a bill.

Subscription format must be respected. It cannot be repeated last year when operators were arrested for launching fake season tickets. We will have to work with barcodes.

When we continue we still sell on hand, at the dollar. An area that should neither have such a name, where money and gold are exchanged in hand.

When I see the scene of a war veteran or a disabled person getting mixed up on the bus, that he does not have the right card, it is then a lack of humanity. It's a shame. We are citizens, Albanians and then we are mayor.

The Municipality of Tirana has taken for the first time the decision to allocate 1 million euros fund to subsidize people with special needs.

In the final I want to tell you that we will also deal with interventions in infrastructure, dedicated lanes and modernization of stations and providing opportunities for kiosks to sell subscribers.

These are our commitments ", said Veliaj.