Veliaj about the budget with the residents of Unit 3: With the completed projects, we have a safer city

Veliaj about the budget with the residents of Unit 3: With the completed

The consultation tour for the budget of the mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, with the residents of the area continued today in Unit 3. Also in this meeting, Veliaj revealed some of the main projects implemented, as well as the projects that follow and will be implemented by the Municipality of Tirana, not only for this area, but with a wider impact.

Next year's draft budget, Veliaj said, will focus on solidarity, where the municipality will lend a hand to those who are most in need and are more affected by the crisis that the war in Ukraine is causing throughout Europe. Veliaj mentioned in particular the students, who have been supported this year like never before, with 50% of the cost of staying in the dormitories, but also with a free subscription.

"I believe that in this difficult year, one of the main things of this budget should be solidarity. With a focus on helping those who are most in need! We have already started this week, where 10,000 students have drawn free tickets, to travel for free, since they are the most affected group. In Tirana, which started with 10 thousand people and which today has 1 million and 10 thousand people, 90% of the people came from somewhere else, like my family came 52 years ago, when my parents were students. This is not the moment, this is not the time, to say to foreign people 'when did you become', 'whose are you' and 'whose am I'! I say to all the candidates before us: May God give you life and health, you and your families, but this is a racist debate, which we should not have again in 2022, when Tirana is the European Youth Capital.

Veliaj stopped at the iconic projects, which he said have increased the number of tourists in Tirana like never before.

"Today, whoever passes by Skenderbej square, hears all kinds of languages. I know there are people who insult Albania every day, but look at the tourists. If this place was so terrible, there would be no more tourists. For the first time in Tirana we had 4 times more tourists than we have residents and we broke the record before the pandemic, where a million people passed. Today we had more than 4 million people who came from the activities of the year of youth, while the total in Rinas was 6 million and by the end of the year it will reach 7 million because I believe that we did not speak well about our home. for our neighborhood, for our street, for our city, for our country, for our nation, no one else speaks well. It is up to us to show this postcard," he said.