Veliaj with the youth: The difference between the left and the right is that we think about people

Veliaj with the youth: The difference between the left and the right is that we

The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, has started a tour of meetings in all administrative units of the capital and his first stop was Unit 1, in a question-and-answer conversation with young people. Accompanied by the deputy of the SP, Eduart Shalsi, Veliaj noted that the war that is taking place in Ukraine has caused the increase in prices everywhere, but the government and the municipality are taking the right decisions to relieve the citizens, especially students and people in need.

According to him, at this time when the whole world is in crisis, due to the war, the focus should be on the most vulnerable groups. "The war is not in our hands, but we can reduce the cost of dormitories for students or give them free subscriptions, as we have already done. We can help each other. If we, even when we spend for our families, buy Albanian products, especially agricultural products, which have not been affected by the war prices, or do the shopping at the neighborhood store, it is a way of saying that even this crisis will we pass together", said Veliaj.

He emphasized that there is a difference between who is on the left and who is on the right. "When the earthquake destroyed the houses of many families, the right would say this is a free market, we are in capitalism, go to the insurance company and they will build the house. But is this said in a country that, indeed, is in capitalism, but when 97% of houses are uninsured because that is the tradition? Therefore, the left has a different answer. He says: It will be the state that will fix the houses. This is the difference between left and right. The right would say: I'm sorry, the price of energy for businesses has increased, food prices have increased for many products, especially those related to and produced in Russia or Ukraine, the price of oil and gas has also increased, which it depends on us. And the left says: This enterprise really works according to private rules, but the shareholder is the municipality. Instead of an excuse, we find a solution. Where the municipality has it in hand, the solution we made was to subsidize 50-75% of the cost of each dormitory. The right thinks that the hidden hand of the market should solve things: so, since we have an increase in oil, the price of the bus ticket will also increase. But the left says: We will give the Student Card and we will make the subscription free", Veliaj clarified.