Veliaj: We will also block the circulation of goods transport vehicles at 07: 00-09: 00

Veliaj: We will also block the circulation of goods transport vehicles at 07:

Mayor Erion Veliaj, during the meeting with the taxi drivers of the capital, emphasized the improvement of the traffic in Tirana, after the decision to restrict the movement of heavy vehicles. Veliaj said that he will stick to this decision because it is for the good of the city.

Below is a part of the speech of the Mayor of Tirana Erion Veliaj:

"We have made a very important and very difficult decision. It is difficult because there is a lot of interest. But, we have made the best decision for the citizens, for the taxis, for the buses, in a city with 1 million people. Not only will not I'm back to the decision, but I also ask for understanding.I will stick to the decision until the city has the Great Ring Complex, as long as there are some other axes, and we will continue to release in the morning to the children who go to school, the parents who go to work and concrete, brick, mortar will be made at night, as happens in every western country.

We will take the same measure for those who transport goods that have nothing to do with construction. These are habits to be learned, as the whole world is taught, and you will not be supplied at 07:00. From 07.00-09.00 there will be no car transporting goods because we have about 200 thousand children and students who go to school at 07.00 in the morning and no one can delay you to school or hospital, work and airport, because yes pour concrete or someone for a supply has blocked the whole neighborhood.

I will stick to this decision and as 99% of the population of Tirana has supported it, let the 1% support it, which may be a little richer than the majority or stronger in appearance, but they are still a minority. 99% earns over 1% and we will stick to this work until the end |, said Veliaj.