Veliaj and Kushi with school leaders in Tirana: We enter history as the year where we open 10 new schools

Veliaj and Kushi with school leaders in Tirana: We enter history as the year

September 27 will find Tirana with 10 new schools, rebuilt from scratch. The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, who together with the Minister of Education and Sports, Evis Kushi, held a meeting with school leaders in the capital, has stated that this new year for pre-university education will go down in history as concerns the investment in school infrastructure in Tirana.

When I think about the first years in the municipality, we only opened the school "Servete Maçi" as a new building and it seemed to us a very big thing. "Now, with the schools we open in September, we will open four more in October, and the rest in January, I believe we will go down in history as a day where we turned the earthquake disaster into an opportunity to make schools," said Veliaj. .

Minister Evis Kushi emphasized the standards by which new schools are being built, while appreciating the work and cooperation with the Municipality of Tirana. "In order to best fulfill our mission for a quality education, we as a ministry highly value the cooperation with the Municipality, the community, parents and the whole society. This is a mission that requires synergy from all parties, so I am very pleased that the Municipality of Tirana is a very important support in our daily work. "

The Minister also praised the progress of the teacher vaccination process, as the only guarantee for a normal teaching process. "The challenge of the pandemic is still ahead of us, but we are better prepared, certainly because of the mass vaccination process, for which I want to thank you again, because we have reached a very high figure in teacher vaccination, not only in Tirana, but in all of Albania.

"Vaccination is the only way to return to normalcy, to develop a normal learning process and not to risk closing schools."

For the mayor of Tirana, Veliaj, the opening of new schools makes the role of administrator even more necessary, which, as was done for the buildings, will be placed in every educational institution, to make the maintenance process even more efficient.

“Kemi zyrtarizuar një rol të ri, që është roli i administratorit të shkollës. Nuk ka më asnjë arsye pse drejtori i shkollës të merret me menaxhimin. Po ashtu edhe mësuesit mund të fokusohen vetëm te mësimi,” shpjegoi Veliaj.

Ai u ndal edhe tek siguria në shkolla. “Kemi gjyqtarë që i japin të drejtë një gomisterie për kangjellat që i ka vendosur ngjitur me shkollën dhe në vend që të fitojë shkolla dhe bashkia, që duan t’i heqin, në gjykatë fiton gomisteria,” tha Veliaj, duke shtuar se, për të rritur elementët e sigurisë, disa rrugë afër shkollave gjatë orarit mësimor do kthehen në pedonale.

The Mayor also underlined the need to communicate with parents about problems related to the Municipality, expressing the readiness of the institution he leads to be present in meetings with parents.