He passed away in January of this year, a street in Tirana is named after Dritan Mezin

He passed away in January of this year, a street in Tirana is named after Dritan

A street in Tirana, at the northern entrance of the Artificial Lake, will bear the name of the entrepreneur Dritan Mezini, who passed away some time ago. During his speech, Veliaj said that Mezini belonged to a team where people spoke well of each other.

"I'm glad that this road is in Tan's world, in that world that created a team, that people spoke well of each other, that said I'm proud of you, well done. I believe this is definitely a day to remember, but it's not a day to mourn, it's a day to celebrate Tan's life. Today I will always be happy, every time I walk with my son on this street, I get a very good answer who is uncle Tani, who loved Tirana very much, who gave him endless love", said Veliaj.

The mayor also focused on the projects that Mezini left behind, stressing that he will inspire everyone. Veliaj said that Mezin's children will grow up with the absence of a father figure, but will learn to be strong enough to make their own decisions.

"I don't know how long "I want a job" will continue, I don't know how long the associations will continue, I don't know how long many of the projects will continue, but I know that Tan's love will continue, it will be a dose that will inspire us all . I hope that in addition to being a day to celebrate Tan's life, it will be a day of reflection for each of us. Are we living worthy lives, so that one day when we are no more, we will be remembered as Tani is remembered, with so much love? I grew up without my father and I know that regret is for the one who left, but also for you, despite the fact that life will be more challenging, you will become better than some others that your father will prepare for them. You will become stronger than some who become stronger much later in life. You will become wiser to make quick, right decisions when some others have to ask dad to make decisions", he said.

Dritan Mezini, entrepreneur in the field of information technology, died suddenly, after a heart attack at the age of 52, in January of this year. The City Council of Tirana unanimously decided to perpetuate his name on a road that he used to take every day, while going for a run on the hills of the Artificial Lake.