Tirana-Presevo: Cooperation for the Mural Festival and the Book Fair

Tirana-Presevo: Cooperation for the Mural Festival and the Book Fair

The Book Fair, but also the Festival of Artistic Murals in the city of Presevo were two of the projects that brought to Tirana the mayor, Ardita Sinani. After the meeting, the mayor Erion Veliaj, donated to her the Clock Tower of Tirana.

The Mayor of Presevo said she was very privileged to cooperate with Tirana and its mayor, Veliaj.

"I am extremely excited and honored. I started the task with difficult moments. Even in the first reception you gave me strength and now everything is going well for me and I wish to end the mandate as you have done so far. You are an example in the region and we are privileged to have such a close cooperation with you, "said Sinani.

The Mayor of Tirana said that it is a pleasure to cooperate, especially in areas of common cultural interest, such as the Book Fair, or artistic murals.

"We want to continue with some projects, such as the Mural Festival or the Book Fair. We will invite the delegation from Presevo for our Book Fair in Tirana, see the model there and then replicate it in Presevo and I believe that, if we fill it with these activities, we have really gone from words to a concrete cooperation. "I can not wait that next year, when we will be the European Youth Capital, we will have as many boys and girls from Presevo as possible, not only to affirm their talent, but also to be twinned," Veliaj declared.