Tirana has a special space for young people coming from Kosovo

Tirana has a special space for young people coming from Kosovo

The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, received today the chairman of the Law Commission of the Assembly of Kosovo, Adnan Rrustemi, who together with the deputy chairman and members of this Commission are paying a working visit to our country. Veliaj expressed happiness for the cooperation at the parliamentary and local level between the two countries.

"I am very happy that Adnan, the Chairman of the Law Committee of the Kosovo Parliament and other friends who represent the entire political spectrum of Kosovo, are in Tirana. I look forward to transferring this good experience to the local level, where our legislators, ie members of Municipal Councils, learn from each other. There are many things that have been done very well in Kosovo, there are many things that have been done very well here, and if everyone learns, then we grow together and we are stronger, "said Veliaj.

The Mayor underlined that this year is a chance for Albania, but also Kosovo, to present in Europe the values ??of our nation.

"It is an extraordinary pleasure that we are the European Capital of Youth, but I believe that Tirana today, which has 144 nationalities living in the city, has a special space in its heart for young people coming from Kosovo. I would like this to be the common stage, our common platform, our common spotlight, because I believe that we have been given a historic chance to show that the boys and girls of Albania and Kosovo are equally capable, as articulate, as hardworking and as talented as boys and girls everywhere in Europe, ”he said, among other things.

Veliaj also had an invitation for all young people who want to be part of improving the image of each of our two countries to become part of thousands of activities in Tirana this year.

“Do të doja që këtë ftesë t’ua drejtoj të gjithë të rinjve të Kosovës, që ta trajtojnë Tiranën si skenën e tyre dhe nëse ka ide në secilën prej këtyre fushave, që mund t’i promovojmë dhe t’i themi krejt Europës, përtej paragjykimeve pse Kosova nuk po merr vizat, këta janë djemtë dhe vajzat tanë dhe shikoni çfarë talenti! Duken si ju, flasin si ju, kanë ide dhe punojnë njësoj si të rinjtë e tjerë të Europës dhe besoj se vendit tonë, kombit tonë si në Shqipëri edhe në Kosovë do t’i bënte shumë punë ky ndryshim i imazhit dhe ky përmirësim i imazhit,” e përfundoi Veliaj fjalën e tij.

"It is a pleasure to be on this two-day visit in the geopolitical spectrum from Kosovo to exchange experiences, to receive the best lessons from the Republic of Albania, but also to harmonize legislation, projects, policies always in the common interest. It is a pleasure every time we are in Tirana, we really feel at home, but we must continue to deepen these relations, always raising projects, policies, common values, moving towards the common progress of our two countries, "Said the chairman of the Law Commission of the Assembly of Kosovo Adnan Rrustemi.