The houses that housed the Jews in Tirana will be turned into museums

The houses that housed the Jews in Tirana will be turned into museums

The joint Albania-Israel cultural festival taking place in Tirana has once again returned the attention to the Albanian hospitality, which, as it was written in the history after the Second World War with the Jews, is being repeated with the Afghan citizens today, who have found refuge. In our country. The Mayor of Tirana Erion Veliaj, who together with the Ambassador of the United States of America, Yuri Kim, were invited to the second evening of the event focusing on the relations between the Albanian and Jewish people, expressed pride in the protection of Jews in our country during the Holocaust.

"I am proud to be Albanian when I hear the story of a city - which today I am lucky enough to lead - which initially had only 200 Jews and at the end of the war, in the finale of that great world drama there were 2,000 of them. I'm glad that, even today, we are faithful to this story. When I think of the mujahideen who came from Iran and resisted the regime of the extremist Ayatollahs in Iran, first in Tirana to move elsewhere, to the friends, colleagues, partners who came from Afghanistan first to Tirana and then to move somewhere next, it really makes me feel proud, ”said Veliaj.

The Mayor has expressed his gratitude to the hospitable Albanian people.

It does not matter if our brothers and sisters were from Jewish Israel during the years of World War II, or if they were the 3,000 Mujahideen who moved from Camp Liberty in Iraq to the attacks of the Ayatollahs, the radicals of Iran, or if they were "Afghan brothers and sisters who ran for shelter, for protection, for life, from the black cloud of the Taliban that came to Afghanistan, as long as we are known for these good Samaritans, it is always a good day to be Albanian." said Veliaj, adding that the Municipality has already identified some of the main houses where the Jewish community is housed in Tirana, which will be turned into museum houses.

Ambassador Yuri Kim during her speech said:

"There are many things that are said about Albanians and Albania, but, for me, the truth among them is what is said about Albanians and Albania who are people of hospitality and courage. Whenever someone is in need, Albanians are ready to lend a helping hand. They did this during World War II. They did it again now. In situations when the world is going through moments when it has to keep notes, Albanians are ready to offer bread, salt and heart. I am really very proud to be among you, but I also know, as a human being, if I ever happen to be in trouble, the place where I can come to take refuge, I will come to Albania. I think these are lessons that the world should learn from such a small country. "It's a small place with such a big heart."

In the second evening of the Cultural Festival Albania-Israel 2021, which is taking place in Tirana from 12 to 21 September, the documentary "Albanian Code" was shown for the first time.