The case of mother Lisa and the future of the Great Ring, Veliaj: It will happen!

The case of mother Lisa and the future of the Great Ring, Veliaj: It will

The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, explained today the project of the Great Ring, which he said serves the capital, increasing the property value of the citizens and residents of the area.

"As long as the Great Ring is going to be built, the design has started, the procurement has been done and the implementation is starting, so we have to understand how much value is the unit where this ring passes. Unit 3 only, only, only, benefits from the Great Ring. I remember how the compensation was done during the PD and LSI. When the work started for a few segments in the Headquarters, the farmhand would come and take the people forward. Not even a penny of compensation! Not even a rental bonus! Not even a house for every square meter. I challenge you today! Go ask Mother Lisa, icon of the Democratic Party! OFL's own teams, with 20 "Range Rovers", organized the whole world there! "Mother Liza signed 500 square meters for the house designed by Stefano Boeri at "5 Maji" when she realized that she cannot stop the progress and from a 4-foot stilt house, she is getting 500 square meters urbanized, with a mortgage," said Veliaj ,

Veliaj called on all those who are affected by this and other projects to sign the contracts, as with a mortgage, as well as without permission and without papers, no one will be left without a solution.