The Government of Qatar grants 11 million euros for the square at "New Boulevard"

The Government of Qatar grants 11 million euros for the square at "New

The Government of Qatar has approved a grant of 11 million euros to the Municipality of Tirana for the realization of the end square on New Boulevard. The good news was given by the mayor Erion Veliaj, during the meeting with the ambassador of Qatar in Tirana, Ali bin Hamad Al-Marri.

"Today we received a super good news from Qatar, for which I express my gratitude to the Emir of Qatar, His Excellency Al Thani, but also to our friend, Ambassador Al Marri. The Government of Qatar has awarded us a grant of 11 million euros for the final square at "New Boulevard", a square that will be a collaboration between the Municipality of Tirana and the Government of Qatar, designed by the Grimshaë studio, which will solemnly close "New Boulevard", where we part with Kamza. I am really very grateful because it is a project that needs what is called the 'icing on the cake', for a ceremonial closure", said Veliaj.

He said that this funding comes in the wake of several other projects from the friendly country of Qatar, either after the earthquake, or for the reconstruction of some schools and kindergartens in Tirana. "We started with the "Jeronim de Rada" school, then we continued with the "Lasgush Poradeci" school, the Katari school in Kombinat, we continued with the schools in Peza, with the Katari kindergarten in the middle of Tirana, in Bllok, and I am really glad that today we receive this extraordinary news, that for the Qatar square, which we have been working for so long and we have been trying for so long, we finally have a positive answer," declared Veliaj.

The mayor expressed his belief that with this new square, in an area as new as the New Boulevard, Tirana of the next century will take shape.

"I strongly believe that we will leave a mark that will be there beyond our mandates. So, I am really very grateful to you, the Emir of Qatar, the Qatar Development Fund and all our mutual friends. Just as we have done quality work for schools and kindergartens, I am glad that we will really have a monumental work on the new Boulevard of Tirana, where the Tirana of the next 100 years will practically take shape. There we have planned to build the new town hall, we have planned to pass the courts, the Prosecutor's Office and some of the important buildings such as the new Palace of Concerts, or the Museum of Modern Art, and the closing with that spectacular square of Qatar, I believe will really be the answer to deserved for all this joint effort for Tirana, which moves forward and modernizes every day", said Veliaj.

The new square will be built at the end of New Boulevard, along the Tirana River, and there will be some pedestrian spaces for citizens. Also, parks will be created on both sides of the river, as well as other recreational and entertaining spaces for children and adults.