December 6 protest, Veliaj: Meta and Berisha like Esat Pasha, want to embarrass Albania in front of the whole world

December 6 protest, Veliaj: Meta and Berisha like Esat Pasha, want to embarrass

The mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, commented on the protest announced by the opposition for December 6, the day that coincides with the great Summit when all European leaders will come to Tirana. Comparing Meta and Sali Berisha with Esat Pasha, Veliaj declared that these are the movements of a desperate man.

"When there are such activities, an international summit, it is not the country's opposition that will settle the accounts on that day. First, it falls to him that he is impotent for the other 364 days. So he can't wait for the day to insult his country to others, to visitors. Secondly, we are not even used to it, even if we have a quarrel, an argument at home, when we have friends, there is a truce, there is a peace until the friends leave and then we go back to our old habits. So, in this sense, the question is who are these who follow Saliu? Who are they who will come out and shame Albania in front of the whole world? They have Youth Day on December 8, it is a national holiday that coincides with the Student Movement, they founded the party a few days later. So, to find another reason to insult Albania, as you do with the photos of Kabul by Ilir Meta, or with the ETC parking lot of Saliu and Luli when they managed the municipality, it is really, really something that history will not forgive and I have the impression that when the lines of history are written about the Albanians who constantly sabotaged the country, I have the impression that many these leaders will be comfortable with Esat Pasha, who in our critical days, when we have just started this sprint to enter the EU, want to clear their accounts. Of course, these are the movements of a desperate man, that a man who does not feel good about himself, does not take photos from the archives, or photos of Kabul. They see the polls, they see that they are the most hated people in Albania today and in this sense when they say "they jump from the battlefield". But this leap of theirs from the battle comes at a cost to the country. So we have a group that works to bring all the leaders of Europe, to be the European Capital of Youth, to become the European City of Sports and meanwhile we have another part that swears, swears, swears and curses, and who knows how badly they live. In fact, they all live in Lalsi Bay, they get up every morning, the maid makes them coffee, after drinking coffee with the maid, they come to Tirana, they poison all our televisions so that the people can get busy and regurgitate all the insults and slanders, or clarify this is it an old or new photo, who owned Tirana when it was flooded, and so on. They even poison them at the dinner shows, then they go back to their villas. And if Albania was such a horror, these two would be the first to flee. The fact that they stay and simply use Albania for their political career, for their protection from criminal charges and to milk it whenever they have the chance, it means that for them Albania is the ideal country. For Saliu and for Ilir Meta, Albania is paradise. How is it possible that when Kosovo is in a delicate moment, something breaks in Tirana? They clearly do the job very well, but they don't do it for the Albanian people. Maybe they do it for the Russian rubles, or for their interests from the east, but for the Albanian people and for the west, they don't want to know", said Veliaj.