"Tirana from the air" premiere; Veliaj: The transformed city, the result of an excellent collaboration

"Tirana from the air" premiere; Veliaj: The transformed city, the

A spectacular metamorphosis of our capital was the meaning of the "Tirana from the air" premiere held today at the "Millenium" Cinema, where the extraordinary transformation that the Albanian capital has undergone throughout these decades was presented to the audience. According to the head of the Municipality Erion Veliaj, the European Tirana that we all see today is a project and a vision that started and became tangible with Edi Rama, as Mayor, with the aim of turning it into the most attractive metropolis of the region tomorrow.

"It was very easy to support this project and a vision that started with Edi Rama, mayor, that made life easier for the rest of us, because a groove was opened, a hole where the water goes more easily for everyone else that will lead the water to the well of good works, good works", said Veliaj.

"Tirana from the air" premiere; Veliaj: The transformed city, the

Mayor Veliaj emphasized that today Tirana today has a different dimension, describing as part of a fantastic journey the achievements and work so far for the transformation of the Albanian metropolis, which - as the head of the Municipality said, today has turned into a destination.

"The Tirana that Edi found was the Tirana of the third world. Today our discussions are of the first world, and what a fantastic journey this has been for those of us who work in the Municipality of Tirana, who continue to take the baton from Ed's team and who started that extraordinary transformation that for some was called a debate about colors and for Lana, while for 90 percent of the city, it was the debate that transformed the city from so, so and that today has turned Tirana into a destination", he said.

For Veliaj, this transformative work is the result of the spirit of cooperation, as he thanked all those who have given their contribution and energy to make Tirana the destination we all see today.

"The city is a bit like that carpet, where each one is a thread, only when we intertwine together, when we cross sometimes and when we collide, we can create that beautiful carpet. For each of you who has given your heart, your spirit, your energy, your life, your knowledge to Tirana, I am infinitely grateful, starting from Edi to the last cleaner who is cleaning today even after Iftar the city. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!", concluded Veliaj.