New Social Center in Kombinat, Veliaj inaugurated: 800 families receive free social services

New Social Center in Kombinat, Veliaj inaugurated: 800 families receive free

800 families in need of the Kombinat area and not only, can now receive all social services in the Community Center "Let's stay together" in Kombinat. The multifunctional center for children, young people and the elderly, the largest in the capital, has been rebuilt from scratch after the severe damage suffered by the earthquake of November 26, 2019.

The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, together with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Reconstruction, Arben Ahmetaj, visited the new social center with modern facilities and spaces many times larger than the previous ones, built with the Reconstruction Program.

Veliaj said that this center is today an example of all social services provided in institutions set up for families in need and individuals with special needs.

"Enjoy the most beautiful center in the Balkans! Community center, social center, a big house for all the inhabitants of Kombinat, Astiri, Unit 14, Yzberisht, Peza, Vaqarri and Ndroq. Today is an extraordinary day! Of course, there is joy in opening every individual house of every family, but this big house for 800 families is an extraordinary pleasure, "said Veliaj.

"We have set a new standard, not only for Albania, but for the entire Balkans. Initially started as a community center to help lonely seniors. In fact, the vision to open this center was Edi Rama when he was mayor. The idea was that in the area of ??"Misto Mames" there was a space to provide some basic services for the elderly, for children with different abilities and of course for those 800 families who need a meal. And today Rama's vision in 2007 has turned into a center, which we can say is the most beautiful, "Veliaj continued.

Deputy Prime Minister Ahmetaj said that next year's budget is conceived as a budget to support the needy.

"More than 15 thousand families in need who have more than three children will receive double the economic assistance. Is more? Jo. "We are moving according to the budget space, but it is an attention to them."

The center offers a shelter and warm meals for the elderly as well.

"We have created a very good tradition for traditional holidays, when loneliness is felt a little more, which we organize in the community. From this New Year we will have the capacity for 250 meals a day, especially for the lonely elderly and families in need, "underlined Veliaj.

Services for children with disabilities in this center, such as physiotherapy, art therapy, speech therapy, developmental therapy, occupational therapy are all free.